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Our Screening Event!

June 29th
Fort Washington Collegiate Church
Link to Tickets Below

An Evening As You Like It is a night celebrating works made by Upper Manhattan Artists during the COVID-19 pandemic culminating in a screening of AS YOU LIKE IT OR (THE PURSUIT OF LOVE IN SHARED ISOLATION), a film adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. A VISUAL ART gallery FEATURING live music will start off the event. Composers, illustrators, photographers, and painters will showcase their work and share their experiences creating art during the 2020-2021 lockdown. Artists will also have the opportunity to share their social media accounts so patrons can connect with and support these artists. Following the gallery, we will premiere our film. Our goal is to connect artists and audiences through sharing not only artists’ works but their process.

This project is made possible in part with funds from Creative Engagement, a regrant program supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) in partnership with the City Council and administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC).

Poster Art By: Madalyn Baker

AYLI Premiere 2023.JPG
As You Like It: About
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(The Pursuit of love in shared isolation)

Directed By: Kendall Cafaro and Marc David Wright

As You Like It: Image

This psychological exploration of Shakespeare's As You Like It finds four runaways, Rosalind, Celia, Orlando and Jaques, in the same deserted New York City apartment. When Rosalind discovers Orlando has arrived, she devises a plan to test the limits of his love by wooing him under her concealed identity. But her game backfires when his desire turns turn doubt and her love turns to lunacy. Meanwhile, Jaques and Celia come face to face with their deepest doubts and desires as they share one space with two lovers.

As You Like It: Bio

Why As You Like It?

I imagined the characters of As You Like It as people on the precipice of becoming who they're inevitably going to be for the rest of their lives. During quarantine, I began to see the Forest of Arden as an arena for involuntary reflection and growth. A place where characters are forced to wrestle with who they think they are because they've been separated from everything they thought they knew. 

As I was about to move out of her NYC apartment, where I experienced shutdown and quarantine, I was excited by the opportunity to make this empty space into a modern twist on the Forest of Arden. I mentioned this idea to Marc David Wright, one of me roommates. That night, we sat at our living room table and started drafting an adaptation. We asked our other roommates, close friends, and collaborators to be part of it. Everyone said yes! So then all we had to do was...make a movie.

Over the next two months this team would: rehearse in this apartment, plan out COVID Safe Shoot Days, coordinate schedules, Vincent Gunn would paint and create a scenic backdrop in their foyer, Me and Marc would coordinate who would DP when, and we would shoot the principal photography for our film.

For more info about our film and our current crowdfunding campaign:

As You Like It: Bio

AYLI Team and Cast

Directed By: Kendall Cafaro and Marc David Wright

Original Text By: William Shakespeare

Adaptation By: Kendall Cafaro and Marc David Wright

Director of Photography: Marc David Wright

Produced By: Kendall Cafaro and Marc David Wright

Associate Producer: Leigh Honigman

Costume and HMU Design: John Beltre

Thy Executioner HMU and Wardrobe Associate: Primo Davis 

Lighting Design: Vittoria Orlando

Thy Executioner Production Design: Vincent Gunn

Lighting Associates: Amara McNeil and Will Rossiter

Sound Mixer: Rachel Suffian and Erica Huang

Assistant Director: Laura Hetherington

Post Production: Anna Michael

Crew: Kayla Otero, Aisha Mitchell, Gabriel Neumann


Rosalind: Kendall Cafaro

Jaques: Marc David Wright

Celia: Madalyn Baker

Orlando: James Wygle

Phoebe: Kayce Wilson

Silvius: Franco Giacomarra

As You Like It: Bio
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